Page 1 - Model BT 313 big
Page 2 - Model BT 310 micro
Page 3 - Model BT 311 small
Page 4 - Model BT 312 medium
Page 5 - Model BT 313 big
Page 6 - Model BT 801 smal five
Page 7 - Model BT 802 microsix
Page 8 - Model BT 802 microsix color

 Intersecting Line   Four type at 3, 5 and 6 round


A modern and attractive jewelry-line to wear every day freely.

Bracelets and rings made in the tradition of using the tubogas hand-made technology, a must for jewelry since 1900.

Recall also that are available in 18 kt gold with semi tubogas in all shapes and sections, namely, tubogas round, square, triangular, curvilinear.

The Tessitore Jewels has the opportunity to make jewelry tubogas tailor to your designs and ideas.

The collection displayed online jewelry tubogas represents only a part of our ever-changing catalog creative,contact us to check the quality and originality of our achievements.

Contact me for any questions !

Enrico Tessitore

Enjoy !